“Proudly supporting global contractors since 1985”









Adiantum Enteprise S.A. is a company owned and managed by the Carina's family. It has been incorporated in 1985, in Geneva (Switzerland), and has since then been working in several countries and into several fields of activities.

Our Founder, Eng. Filippo Carina, carried outstanding experience and achievements, and had a profound knowledge of many Northern African and Middle East Countries. For his achievements he received several official acknowledgements, including from the Governments of Italy and Egypt.

Our Director and Chairman, Mr. Norberto Carina, has joined the company after several marketing experiences maturated in large corporations. He is active in diversifying the core competences of the company, which expanded into many other fields which are now a solid part of the company’s expertise.

Recently, our Headquarters moved in the city of Mendrisio, in the Canton of Tessin, which is close to several airports with many international connections.

Capitalizing on the wealth of experiences of its founders, Adiantum Enteprise S.A. keeps providing consulting, advisory and marketing support to companies seeking to expand their activities beyond their traditional markets.

In some countries, according to local regulations, we work in conjunction with local collaborators. Our proved and long established network of collaborators, which normally remain under our control, expands and completes our range of services.

Adiantum Enterprise S.A., an Associate Member of the International Pipe Line & Contractors Association, is not a contractor itself, but has developed full capabilities and experience to be appreciated as 'being' one.

We are proud of our experience and knowledge of the markets, of their participants, and of our conservative approach which is and will remain a distinctive trait of our work.

Within our services are the selection, proposal and follow-up of appropriate, well introduced and competitive local companies as joint-venturers, or sub-contractors, in several countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, the E.U., the U.S.A., the Far East. etc.

We also provide market research and evaluation, and are keen in supporting the set up of collaboration agreements among qualified contractors. Depending on the requests, we also support our clients in establishing reliable and successful agencies, and provide full follow-up for an adequate period.

By the way, Adiantum is the scientific name of the “Southern Maidenhair fern”, a particularly tough and resilient fern.